I’m turning myself in.

Since the day I became a Writer, I have stood firmly in the camp of discovery writers, with my pen held high and courageously scorning all forms of outlining and plotting. I took up the battle cry. “They can make us write, but that cannot take our FREEDOM!”

I have some, ahem, news.

While the rest of you were courageously fighting the war between outlining and discovery, I’ve been sheepishly backing away from the fray, turning at the edge of the forest, and running for my life.

I’ve been outlining.

And not some, two-pager outline – I’m currently at a 25 page outline, and I’m only on the first 1/3 of the book.

…and I like it.

I have always loved the freedom of being a discovery writer, of not knowing what was going to happen, how the story was going to unfold, and I thought I could only accomplish that by scorning outlining. Boy, was I wrong. I’m finding the opposite to be true. I can leave myself little notes along the way as I outline (Build this, foreshadow that, seed these) and there is still a TON of discovery as I’m plotting and putting the outline together.

Since this is my first shot at writing a book using an outline, my plan [yikes, never used THAT word before] is to outline the first part of the book, write it, dial in the characters and see where they derail my plot – then outline the middle, and repeat.

I’ll keep you posted.

That is, if you want to hear from behind enemy lines.